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A rubric allows for easy grading while giving students clear criteria. This document explains the process of grading with a rubric. See these docs for an overview or for information on creating a rubric or attaching a rubric to an assignment.

Grading with a rubric to some degree differs by the type of assignment being graded.


When grading a dropbox submission with an attached rubric, click on the rubric name or green icon to open the grading window. Select the appropriate level for each criteria by clicking in its description box.

Note that the score or feedback text can be changed for any criteria by clicking the pencil in the "Score and Feedback" field.
Rubric Score and Feedback

Feedback that was entered during the rubric creation process or under "score and feedback" can be automatically entered into the dropbox feedback text if the "Transfer rubric feedback to general feedback for the assignment" box is checked. When finished, click Save and Record.


Evaluate objective-based assessment for student in a new windowRubrics for grade items are only visible on the individual item's grading screen.  From the Enter Grades gradebook view find the column for the grade item the rubric is to be attached to.  Select Edit from the dropdown arrow for the desired grade item. Scroll down until the button "Add Rubric" appears.  From that button chose a pre-existing rubric or create a new rubric.  Go back to the Enter Grades gradebook view.  Choose the drop down menu for the grade item again.  This time, click on "Grade All." Next, click the rubric icon in the "Assessment" column to grade each student's rubric. Click Save for each student's rubric, and for the grade item when complete.

Remember that using rubrics in "Grades" is suggested for adding assessing quizzes, and survey tools (students cannot see the rubrics used in these tools, due to a Desire2Learn bug).


A rubric can be added to a discussion forum.  Individual posts can be graded with a rubric from within the discussion.  The grades can then be published to an associated grade item in the gradebook.  To attach a rubric to a discussion forum, choose Discussion List from the edit course page or a link on the Nav Bar (if one has been included).  Click on the drop down menu next to the forum the rubric is to be added to and choose "Edit."  Note the tabs across the "Edit Topic" screen.  Choose the "Assessment" tab.  If the discussion is not associated with a grade item, it can be done from this page.  Add a "Score out of," but make sure the "Out of Score" coincides with the Final Score of the rubric.  Add or create a rubric.  If the discussion is to be scored and added to the gradebook the box, Assess each message and automatically calculate the topic score" must be checked and a calculation method must be chosen.  (Note, it is not recommended that the box, "include unassessed messages in the calculated score as zero"unless ALL posts, including responses, are going to be graded.

Save the adjustments.  To grade using the rubric click on the title of the discussion forum to be assessed. Do not choose "Assess topic" from the drop down menu.  This will allow you to add a final grade fro the discussion but will not allow you to use a rubric.  Click on a student post.  Under the button "More Actions" there is a choice for assess.  An assessment window will pop up.  Scroll to the bottom of the window and fill out the rubric.  You must now take that final score and record it in the "message score."  Under Calculated Topic Score ensure the "Published" box is checked.  This will automatically enter the grade into the grade book.


Recall that the ePortfolio must be accessed through a course Navbar link in order for available rubrics to be displayed. If assessment permissions have been granted by the ePortfolio item creator, the rubric should appear in the review/assessment screen of the ePortfolio item.

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