Manifest - Getting Started

Welcome to Manifest, an easy-to-use tool that allows users to control access to resources through group management and grant NetIDs to University affiliates.

You can read more about Manifest by visiting Manifest - Service Description

Getting Started:

To access Manifest, navigate to If this is the first time you've visited the Manifest page, you will need to accept the Terms of Use. Refer to Manifest - Terms of Use for more information.

Manifest groups are created within folders. If you do not have a folder to work in yet for your department or organization, the first step is to request one. Once your folder has been created, you will be able to manage which users and groups have administrative access to it. The following KB documents will assist you in getting a folder set up:

Manifest Groups

Once you have set up your folder, you are ready to create groups within it. There are two types of groups, those that can create new NetIDs and those that cannot. Groups that are approved for NetID creation will ask users if they have a NetID when they are invited to join the group via the email invitation system. Users who do not have a NetID will be prompted for basic information and one will be created for them. The following KB documents will assist in determining which type of group you need, and help you create one:

The following KB documents will assist you in managing your groups by adding and removing other administrators and updaters:

The following KB documents will assist in delivering your group to other resources:

Managing Group Members:

Now that you've created a group and linked it to your application, you can invite new group members, manage existing members and control email invitations. Refer to the following KB documents to assist you in managing your group members:

User tasks:

Manifest users have the ability to review their memberships and respond to email invitations. The following KB documents will assist users with these processes:

If you would like additional assistance, contact the DoIT Help Desk or email

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