Connecting to VMware vCenter & Auxiliary Services

DoIT's VMware vSphere instances require certain clients and/or specific URLs for access. You may also import the Virtualization Team's root certificate authority certificate to prevent SSL errors.

DoIT's VMware vSphere instances can be connected to in two ways:

  • via the traditional VMware Infrastructure Client, which is Windows-based. This client is deprecated by VMware and is missing some administrative functionality. However, it is familiar to most people. This is the client that is currently supported for use by the DoIT Virtualization Team.

    You may retrieve the client from

  • or the relatively new web client, which is Adobe Flex/Flash-based. This client requires some helper applications to be downloaded and installed for full functionality, as well as Adobe Flash to be installed on the client for the browser of choice. This client works on most platforms, but unfortunately console access is still not supported on anything but Windows and Linux client PCs. The DoIT Virtualization Team considers this client experimental until more testing has been done, but you are very welcome to use it. It works well in Internet Explorer and Chrome. Internet Explorer enables the back & forward browser buttons to help with navigation inside the app, which is nice.

    You may access the web client via and you will be redirected.
There are additional services that you may be interested in using:
In all cases it is suggested that you install the DoIT Virtualization Team root SSL CA certificate to avoid SSL errors and warnings:
  1. On Windows, save the file vmware-ca.cer (right-click and Save Link...) and double-click it. Click "Install Certificate."
  2. Advance in the Certificate Import Wizard. When prompted for a location choose "Place all certificates in the following store" and click "Browse."
  3. Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities." In some cases it might require you to select "Show Physical Stores," expand "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and select "Local Computer" underneath it. If the import doesn't work repeat the process using "show physical stores."
  4. Click OK. Advance and confirm the import.
  5. You will probably need to restart your browser.
There are firewalls protecting these services from external access. If you are on campus, but not using ResNet, and cannot connect please contact for assistance. If you are off-campus please use static WiscVPN to connect. These services are IPv4 only right now.

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