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Flexible Option Enrollment Team
UW-Extension-Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning
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The UW-Flexible Option: a more accessible and affordable way for working adults to reach their education and career goals. It is led by partnerships throughout the UW System and UW-Extension, the Flexible Option draws upon the expertise of UW faculty to offer a more personalized and flexible college experience. Through the Flexible Option you can take full advantage of free educational resources available online and elsewhere, and then demonstrate your knowledge through robust, reliable assessments. The result is a new option for obtaining a high-quality degree that reduces costs and improves accessibility. eCampus is your gateway to online education programs offered throughout the University of Wisconsin System. With all things "Wisconsin," from classes taught only by UW professors to a student union, you can look forward to success when you graduate with the same UW degrees and certificates as the students who are on campus. 

Best of all, you graduate with a degree from UW institutions: schools that employers recognize and respect.

For a full list of Degree and Certificate programs see the webpage http://flex.wisconsin.edu/degrees-programs/