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It is possible to create a quiz with multiple parts by utilizing the Quiz tool's Release Conditions. By setting a Release Condition on the subsequent parts of a multi-part quiz, you can control when the students are able to take the quiz.

Quiz Release Conditions 

1. Create the first part of your multi-part quiz by simply creating a quiz. For assistance with this, see D2L - Create a New Quiz (UW-Madison) .

2. Next create a second quiz, this will become the second part of your multi-part quiz.  When creating the second quiz, click on the Restrictions tab.


3. In the "Additional Release Conditions" section, click Create and Attach.

4. Under "Condition Type," find Quizzes. You can choose to have the second part of the quiz appear after: a student has received a specified score on the entire quiz, on certain questions, or on an associated rubric. The second part of the quiz can also appear after they've completed a specified number of attempts on the first part of the quiz. 

  • Score on a Quiz: A student must score a set amount on the first quiz before they can take the second
  • Completed Quiz Attempt: A student must attempt the quiz a specified number of times before the second quiz can be taken
  • Score on Selected Questions: A student must score a set amount on a specified question before they can take the second quiz
  • Score on Associated Rubric: A student must score a specified amount on a rubric associated with the quiz before the second part of the quiz can be taken.
    5. Select the name of the first part of the quiz under Condition Details. Quiz3.png

    6. Depending on what was chosen in step 4, you should now be able to set the score or the number of attempts needed for the quiz to be released.

    7. Click Create.


    8. Once you're finished creating the rest of the quiz, click Save and Close.

    9. Repeat for any other other subsequent quiz parts, changing the name of the quiz in step 5 to the previous part of the quiz.

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