Requisites Not Met Error Message

This documents explains the 'Requisite Not Met' error when attempting to validate a class; enroll in a class; or placing yourself on a wait list for a class.

What are my options?
If you do not meet the requirement being enforced, you may want to consider other class options or other sections of the same class that may be enforcing a requirement that you meet.
If you feel you meet the requirement being enforced, you should contact the department or instructor directly.  Again, the department contact information is provided to you on the Enrollment Preferences page within the Notes area.  If the department and/or instructor allows you to enroll, they will place a class permission into our student system.  Once that is placed, you will then be allowed to enroll for the class through your Student Center.  Neither the department nor the instructor are able to enroll a student into a class.  It is the student's responsibility to enroll.

Message components
A class may be enforcing specific requirements for enrollment purposes.  If a student does not meet those requirements, they will receive a 'Requisites Not Met' error.  This error message consists of three parts (see image).

A) The actual error message;
B) The enrollment requirement being enforced; and
C) A link to this page

Pre-requiste error message

What should I do?
1)  Press add Another Class (above). The class will be sitting in your wish list/shopping cart. Click on the active link of the section in question.
Select link to Class Preferences when back in shopping cart

2)  You will be directed to the Enrollment Preferences page. Consult the Enrollment Requirements and Notes (highlighted below) area.The notes will display more information specific to this class as well as department contact information.  Consult the Enrollment Information - Enrollment Requirements (highlighted below) to review what is required to enroll and/or wait list.

Class Preference page has contact information


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