WiscWeb CMS - Clearing Site Page Cache

This document shows how to clear the page cache for your site in the CMS.

Clearing Caches

We'd like for WiscWebCMS to be perfect and never have any kinds of problems, but occasionally odd things may happen. Two areas may be the locus for certain types of problems. The first concerns the CMS system itself and the second concerns your web browser and this is because both use a similar technique to speed up their use.


The CMS is large and complex and if it had to redo or reload everything everytime you clicked on its pages and tabs and modules and listitems, etc. it might be unusuably slow. To avoid the overhead that might result from constantly reloading everything the CMS creates a cache as you go and will use that cache if it can. Your web browser does exactly the same thing for the websites that you visit (including the CMS system since, of course, it is web-based) so that it does not have to wait for content to be sent from the site back to your browser every time you load a page.

You may experience odd or unexpected behavior if these caches are mismanaged either by the CMS system or your web browser. Here is a screen shot of just such an issue--the WiscWebCMS system has been patched and changes made, yet the cache in the web browser, from before the patching, is expecting something that has now changed and this error results:
Issue After CMS System Patching

Other examples of what you might observe are:

  1. Mis-matched content between what's seen in the CMS and what's published to your site.
  2. Updates don't actually appear to be updating in the CMS Preview or after your site is published.
  3. A page is released, and is updated in SmartEdit/Preview, yet Publishing does not appear to publish that change.

For situations like these, and perhaps others, clearing one, or both, of the caches invovled in working with the CMS may be necessary. The steps are straight forward and quite easy.

Clearing the CMS Site Cache

NOTE: These instructions require use of SmartTree. SmartTree requires Microsoft InternetExplorer for proper function and it also requires administrator-level access. If you cannot follow these instructions where SmartTree is used you should contact your site's administrator and request appropriate permissions or have them take these steps on your behalf.

  • Navigate to SmartTree > Administer Project Structure > Project to select it
    Navigating Smarttree administer project
  • In the Action Menu on the right side of the CMS UI scroll to the very bottom and locate Clear Page Cache and click on it
    action menu clear page cache
  • Respond to the confirmation prompt.

Clearing the page cache should clear the publishing cache as well, forcing the CMS to publish the page.

Clearing Your Web Browser Cache

Clearing your web browser's cache is a trouble-shooting step for many types of problems and our DoIT Help Desk KnowledgeBase has a document that explains how to do this for most of the web browsers in use today: Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing caches won't solve every problem, but doing so may well take care of many you encounter when you see something in one place but not in another.

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