Learn@UW/D2L - Some Changes Cannot be Made to Branched Surveys

If you have a branched survey, some changes cannot be made to the survey.

You can change other settings for the survey as well as specify different branching rules within the Branching Wizard.

Previous versions of D2L's Learning Environment allowed questions to be added, deleted, or re-ordered within a branched survey. However, problems would generally arise, such as an Internal Server Error, if the survey were not re-branched to reflect the changes made.

It is a known issue that you cannot un-branch an existing branched survey in order to add, delete, re-order, or edit questions and then re-branch the survey.  For now, the workaround is to proceed as follows:

  1. Make a new survey.
  2. Copy the questions from the existing survey.
  3. Add, delete, re-order, or edit questions as desired.
  4. Branch the new survey.