WiscList Classlist - Getting Started & Utility Overview

Classlist is an automated system that provides UW-Madison instructors with email lists containing students enrolled in their courses. The Classlist system updates student data six times daily and lists are automatically updated when students drop or enroll in courses. This document is intended to assist course instructors with setting up Classlists.

Getting Started

Classlists are disabled by default, meaning you must enable them before using them to email your students (see: WiscList Classlist - Enabling a List / Enabling Many Lists).

Short on time? Below you will find a quick-start video that will help you set up and start using your Classlists in just a few minutes. For a more thorough overview of this service, we encourage you to see the helpful documents located at the bottom of this page.

Note: Click here to view this video in high definition.

Managing Classlists

Once you've activated your Classlist, it is ready to be used. However, you may want to tinker with its settings, add guest recipients, or perform a number of other administrative tasks to customize your list. You can manage all of your Classlists in the WiscList Admin interface. Simply log in and select the name of the list you wish to manage.

Saving Classlists

Classlists may be saved for up to one year after the semester has ended. If you'd like to retain a Classlist for future reference, you may do so by following these instructions: WiscList Classlist - Saving a Classlist.

Note: There is a limited window of time during which this option is available. To ensure your list is saved, we recommend that you take action immediately following the semester's end.


If you experience difficulties using your Classlist at any point, try the following support options available to you: