WiscList Classlist - Enabling a List / Enabling Many Lists

This document outlines the process for enabling Classlists within the WiscList Admin interface.

Enable a List

  1. Log in to WiscList Admin and click Classlists.
  2. Click on the Classlist you would like to enable.
  3. On the Manage Classlist page, select Enabled from the Status dropdown menu.
  4. Once the status has changed, you will see the word UPDATED appear next to the dropdown.

Enable Many Lists

The WiscList interface also allows you to enable many lists at once:

  1. Log in to WiscList Admin and click Classlist.
  2. If you would like to sort the lists, select the term from the dropdown.
  3. Lists you can enable will appear with checkboxes under the ENABLED column. Those that are currently enabled will be checked.
  4. Check the lists you would like to enable or uncheck those that you would like to disable.
  5. Click Update to apply your changes. It may take several seconds for all of the lists to update.

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