WiscList Classlist - Default Administrator Email Address

For faculty and staff, the default administration email address is pulled from official SIS records. This document outlines how to give administrative access to an alternative email address and how to change your default email address.

Using an Alternative Address

If the email address assigned to you for Classlist administration is not the one you would prefer to use, the quickest and simplest solution is to add an alternative address as a guest member of the list(s).

Please Note: All addresses registered to the list will receive emails. See the following documents for further instructions:

Please contact wisclist@doit.wisc.edu if you experience difficulty adding a guest address to your list(s).

Changing Your Default Address

Contact your department to have them update your email address in SIS. If you have access to SIS it can be done through your 'My System Profile', but most faculty do not have access to SIS so they need to have their department make the change.