WiscWeb CMS - Changing the Contents of a Site Header and Footer

This document shows how to use changing the contents of Header and Footer on your site's pages.

WiscWeb CMS - Changing the Contents of a Site's Settings, Header, and Footer

Your site in the CMS system is designed to publish the same design, using CSS and html, for all pages, including the top, or header, and the bottom, or footer, for all pages.

Here is the header of CMS site that uses the Standard Template CSS design (the lower arrow points to the part of the header you can modify):

And here is the footer of a CMS site that uses the Standard Template CSS design (the shaded portion shows the part of the footer you can modify):

This KB document talks about these parts and shows you some screenshots of the process to making changes to them.

One thing before we get to it, the 'location' in the CMS where you set the configuration for the header and footer is not within your site. That is, you do not 'open' your site's Homepage as you do for nearly everything else related to editing your site's contents. Recall that when you first login to WiscWebCMS you see the CMS HomePage module or module that was last open when you logged out. When you first select the SmartEdit module, you see the left-side tree of pages collapsed to show only the HomePage, and the rightside editing area shows a CMS site form but not your site's contents. It's on this initial form, Called the Table of Contents (though it's not really a Table of Contents like one finds in a book), that you make changes to your site's header and footer!

Note that there is one option you can set here that is never published to your site's pages! That is the Help text option. The screenshot in item 2. below shows this area. You can use this area to provide information to your site editors.

Editing Your Site's Header or Footer

  1. Navigate to the CMS system SmartEdit module.
  2. You'll see this Table of Contents page. In the screenshot note the shaded areas and the explanatory text:
  3. Clicking on the Open reddot on the Table of Contents, and not on the HomePage link, will change the page to show a Form reddot using which you can modify the settings, header, or footer of your Site. Once loaded click on the Form reddot to open the form which has the fields and controls you can use set the options as you want them set:
  4. The form is a long one and we show it in two parts. This is the top part where you can tell the CMS to configure the following:
    1. Breadcrumbs: The textual links that appear at the top, right of a page as users navigate your site, that provide an easy way to go back to previous pages.
    2. Full Department Name: This displays on the CMS start page, but isn't used in WiscWeb CMS otherwise.
    3. Site Title Image: Obtained from University Communications (in the screenshot what is seen is an actual image file, and not a red box with white text on it). Speak with the CMS team if this needs to be updated. It should just be your department name so this likely won't ever change.
    4. Alt Attribute: If the Site Title Image image fails to load, this will show in its place.
    5. Tag Line: Additional header text.
    6. Column Alignment: This changes where the side column is for navigation. Most pages will use left.
    7. Top Navigation: Enables/Disables the top navigation bar. Most likely left set to Yes.
  5. There are two TextAreas at the bottom of this form that allow you to set:
    1. Footer Text: This is the footer that displays on every page.
    2. Help Text: This displays on Table Of Contents/Site Settings (the blue shaded area in the Table of Contents screenshot above). Only site editors will see it:

NOTE! Making changes to either header or footer has consequences for the next Publish you do after you submit pending edits to workflow. It will cause all of your site's pages to be re-published because the header and footer are on every page of your site. Depending on the size of your site, that may take a few minutes. The last sentence may be an understatement!

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