Manifest - Terms of Use

Before anyone is allowed to access Manifest, they must first accept the Terms of Use.

The first time you log into Manifest you will be presented with the Terms of Use page. If this is the case, read through the terms and at the bottom of the page click the button to accept the terms of use, which will bring up the Manage Groups page. If you have already accepted the Manifest Terms of Use, your login will take you directly to the Manage Groups page.

Manifest Terms of Use

Welcome to Manifest. We are excited to offer you this service, and hope you will find it beneficial when you manage group access to web applications. As you log in for the first time, we want you to be aware of some of the rules and expectations for use. In addition to the computer use terms you agreed to when you activated your NetID, there are some additional rules for use of Manifest.

By logging in and using Manifest, you agree to adhere to the following Terms of Use:

I. Responsible Use for UW-Madison Computing
Individuals using this, and all other UW-Madison computing services, are required to:

II. Manifest Use
Authorized users are subject to the following additional requirements and service needs:

III. Group Expiration

IV. Privacy Statement
UW-Madison respects the legitimate privacy interests of Manifest users within appropriate limits for educational, ethical and legal reasons, subject to the following:

V. Enforcement

VI. Links to Related Documents

Log Out

If you accept the terms of use, log out of the application and log back in immediately it will prompt you to accept the terms of use a second time due to processing delays.