WISC - Office 365 University Installation

These are the steps needed to get to the download of the current version of Office for Mac or Win after purchasing Office 365 University. This is not the procedure for downloading and installing the no-charge Office from the Office 365 portal at UW-Madison and some other campuses. You can find that procedure here: https://kb.wisc.edu/page.php?id=54416

If you're running Windows XP or Vista, stop now! Do not enter your key. You cannot install Office 365 on Windows XP or Vista. Contact us at wiscsales@doit.wisc.edu.

You cannot get additional installations by purchasing a second copy of Office 365 University. If you've previously purchased Office 365 University, stop now! Do not enter your key. Contact us at wiscsales@doit.wisc.edu.

You should uninstall all trial versions of Office you have on your computer before proceeding with Office 365 installation.

1. Go to: https://academic.getmicrosoftkey.com/, which will take you to the following page. Do NOT click the "click here" link -- you purchased Office 365 University, so you're in the right place.

2. Type in the key from the email you received just after you placed your order and click the "Get Started" button. Please note that this is the only time you will ever have to enter your Office 365 University key.


3. After your key is accepted, sign in to or set up your Microsoft account from this page:


The following page shows the information Microsoft asks for when setting up an account:


4. After you've signed in to or created your Microsoft account, you will verify your academic eligibility by choosing the Get verified through my School option:




If you don't find your school right away, please note that Microsoft may have it listed under a slightly different name, such as "Western Wisconsin Technical College" vs. "Western Technical College." If you've tried different ways of typing your school's name and still don't see it listed, you can verify your eligibility manually by clicking the "Contact Support" link on the lower left corner of this page: https://academic.getmicrosoftkey.com/Home/Default#. (There are different ways of getting to support. No matter how you get there, the chat option will yield the best results.)

When you've successfully verified your academic status, Microsoft will send you an email confirming your academic status, as indicated on the following screenshot.

Important! You must wait for that email and click on the link it contains (or copy and paste the link into your browser) before proceeding!


The academic status verification email will look something like this:


5. After you receive your academic status verification email, click on the Navigate to: link it contains. You must click on that link to finish confirming your academic status. If clicking the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser.

After following that link, follow the screen prompts to finish setting up your Microsoft account. When your account setup is complete, you will be logged in and taken to your "My Account" page:


6. On the above page, click the green "Install" button to download and install. If you don't want to install right away, or if you want to install on a different machine, you can come back to the installation page by going to this link: http://www.office.com/myaccount and logging in.

If you're installing on a Windows machine, Office will install automatically -- you won't have to download the installer, double-click, etc.

If your installation fails on a Windows machine and you need to start over, you should use this tool to uninstall what remains of your first installation attempt.

If you're installing on a Mac, MicrosoftOffice2011.dmg will download to the Downloads folder. After it finishes downloading, double-click and follow the screen prompts to install. On first launch, you will be presented with the following choices. You should choose "Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription."

Mac choices on first launch

We also strongly recommend that, once you've set up your Microsoft account, you provide Microsoft with alternate ways to contact you in case you should lose access to your .edu account (when you graduate, for example). Without an alternate email address or phone number, it can be extremely difficult to access your account. You can find Microsoft's instructions for adding alternate contact info here:


under "How do I add security info to my account?"

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