Learn@UW/D2L - Issue with Keyboard Arrows Answering Multiple-Choice or True-False Quiz Questions

While taking a quiz using Internet Explorer or Firefox, if you answer a Multiple-Choice or True-False question and press an arrow key on the keyboard intending to scroll, your answer is changed unless you Save the question or clicked your mouse elsewhere in the quiz before pressing an arrow key.

The unexpected behavior is that the arrow keys cycle through the answers instead of scrolling the Quiz window.

Before you Save the question or click your mouse elsewhere in the quiz, you will also see a small dashed box around your selection. For example:

Dashed Box

If you press an arrow key while the dashed box is displayed, the answer selected will be changed.

The problem does not occur if using Chrome or Safari.

This is a known issue.

It is recommended that you always Save each question after answering and making sure your intended answer has been selected.

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