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This document shows how to move pages within the CMS system.

Website: Moving Pages

Occasionally you may wish to 'move' a page so that it appears on your site in a different location rather than simply link to it with links showing in multiple locations. There are several ways to do this. The simplist involves using the Navigation Manager available in Smart Edit via right-click on your site's Home page.

Follow these steps to use the Navigation Manager

  • Click on SmartEdit
  • On the rightside editing display right-click (no need to Open Page)
  • Select Navigation Manager
  • The Navigation Manager will open. It has two panes the left of which is open by default (the screen shots below show both panes open). You will see here the familiar tree view that is on the leftside of SmartEdit showing the pages of your site. Most of these will correspond to the items shown on the top Navigation Bar or site navigation list (if you have them enabled for your site).
  • A single left-click on an item will display a pop-up box with information about the item
  • A right-click on an item will display a pop-up menu on which are some configuration options
  • To move an item left-click and drag it to its new location in the tree. You'll see a small double-arrow box and as you move up or down the tree a selection box will appear on the target item in the tree:
  • Release the mouse button and the item will be moved:
  • And here it is shown as moved in the SmartEdit tree:

That is fairly painless for moving a page. But it has some significant caveats, especially if the moving is more than just rearranging the position of pages on the top navigation bar, e.g., pages are being moved from side to top navigation or vice versa! See the next section.

Caveats and Gotchas

To understand what's happening, or what can happen, here recall that the pages you see in the top navigation bar (or the left/right side navigation list) are created automatically by scripts in the CMS system. In order for this 'automagic' creation to work, there are some configuration options that must be set for pages using which the scripts can figure out what they have to do to build the navigation lists/bar. We have a KB doc that talks about setting these configuration parameters. The section on that KB document for General Information is the relevant section.

It is here that you tell the CMS system where pages should show in navigation when your site is published, either top or side. You also tell the CMS system whether it should display for a page the left and/or right side columns. If you think for a moment you can see how these values can interact and, if they are not coordinated correctly, you might end up not seeing what you expect to see! If you were to set a PageTwo to not show the left side column but you had set pages SubPageOne and SubPageTwo to be displayed as a left-side navigation menu they will not display on PageTwo since there is no left side column to display them on!

The configuration options for a page must be kept in mind when you move pages. You should always review the page configuration and confirm that settings for the General Information are set correctly. You might not be the first person to forget to do this and move a page only to have it disappear because its settings are correctly being read by the CMS system and it is not showing the page because the page's new location has settings that tell the CMS system not to show it.

Here's an example of what we're talking about in the above paragraphs. In the following screen shots we show a page moved from a page that's on a left-side menu to a page that's configured to display on the top navigation bar.

  • Page in our Standard Template Documentation project site showing top navigation items and side navigation items:
  • We go to the Home page, right-click and bring up the Navigation Manager
  • And we move a page from the Third Menu Item up to the Second Menu Item page:
  • The Navigation Manager shows that the page is moved:
  • Do you expect to see the moved page on the top navigation bar when the mouse hovers over Second Menu Item? Surprise!
  • This is where the configuration issue comes into play. The moved page had its configuration set to display on a side navigation menu!
  • Thus the CMS will not display it since Second Menu Item is not also configured to display as a left side navigation! To get the moved page to display on the top navigation bar, you must modify its configuration:
  • And now it will show up:

The CMS system is complex and it has many features and options many of which work together to produce the pages when they are published. This is one of those places where pages and subpages and sub-subpages have configuration options that overlap and influence each other.

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