KB Advisory Group Meeting Minutes - 2013-03-22 - March 2013

KB Advisory Group Meeting Minutes for March 2013

Attendees: Wei-zhong Wang, Teresa Arauco, Karen Baum (U Chicago), Nili Ovaici (UC Berkeley), Tony Roybal (Berkeley), Kevin Boershinger (UW Green Bay), Daniel Simanek, Corey Liss (U Chicago), Geoff Merrill

    New KB sites since Last Monthly Meeting

    1. Imaging (UW-Madison)
    2. Graduate School Admin (UW-Madison)
    3. Wisconsin School of Business (UW-Madison)
    4. Chemistry Department (pilot/test, UW-Madison)
  1. Changes and Improvements since Last Monthly Meeting

    1. Documents with read restrictions can no longer be published to external sites
    2. One of the partners published documents with read restrictions to external sites expecting them to be restricted. Then, they were surprised private docs were public.

      Wei-zhong made a change to prevent this from happening: a warning message will relate that external site and ReadAccess restrictions cannot be set at the same time. User access group read restrictions can apply only to documents.

    3. Image Alt-tag popup defaults to
    4. Image alt text now defaults to blank. In the WYSIWYG design mode, when you edit a document and place an image from your attachment folder, a pop up window will appear with a text field. You can enter a short description of the image you are placing in this field. Should you choose to leave that field blank, two quotation marks will appear in that field. Screenreaders will acknowledge that there is an image in that space.

      Emily would like very much for this concept reinforced all over the KB User Guide.

    5. User export and User Access Group export options.
    6. Nili from Berkeley related that their sub-site is adding more users. They discovered that there is no way to export users, nor User Access groups to prevent outdated users moving to the new list.

      Wei-Zhong used to list 25 users per page. Now, he has placed an All users option in the User Status/rights drop down box. Selecting All users will list all users on one page. He also place a new button, the Save .CSV button on the lower left which allows users to easily export to an excel spreadsheet. The output also preserves assigned user permissions/ functions. The Save .CSV button is also available on the pages where less than 25 users are listed.

    7. The User Access Group link on left navigation bar.
    8. Clicking on this link will lead you to the User Access Groups page where you can create and update User Access group lists. When you click on the Members button of an existing list, the admins are highlighted and on the top of the list in italics and highlighted in green. Inactive users will be excluded from this list.

    9. Wei-zhong added an item that was not on agenda: How does one know which user belongs to which User Access Group?
    10. From the Users tab, locate the correct user and click on the More link on the right of that user's row. This will lead you to the Selected User screen. At the bottom of the table, you will see the UserAccessGroups field listing ALL the User Access Groups in your KB site. The checked box next to the User Access Group name indicates membership. You can also update user information from that screen.

    11. "Emailto" field for News items

      Create or Edit a News item. You may now email news content to a recipient or recipients Create News/Editing News Item screen. Expand the Additional fields section found at the bottom of the screen. You will see EmailTo field. The Email message is always from the person who has create/modified the News item. Please know that email address(es) are not saved with News Item. Should you update the News item , you will need to put email address in the EmailTo field again.

    12. User Access Lists for document WriteAccess / Workaround for inline permissions via User Access Lists
    13. A group was using the Read access list for Write access control.

      The former User Access feature has been renamed to ReadAccess

      The WriteAccess section listing fixed options of : Owner/ Owner group admins/ Owner Group and Sharing groups can be found above ReadAccess section.

      • Owner: Only the document owner can access this document. User with publish rights are disallowed access.
      • Ownergroup admins: Users with publish rights can make edits.
      • Owner group (+owner): All users can make edits.
      • Sharing groups function: When sharing documents with other KB groups, they can all make edits to the shared documents.

      Users are also able to further restrict document access by selecting specific User Access group(s). User Access groups will override fixed group.

      Should a document owner NOT be a member of the User Access group to which the document is restricted, the owner will always have access to edit. He or she may not be able to activate the document

      ***Wei-zhong is still considering ways to make adding members to a User Access group easier.

    14. System alerts for KB Admin access from abroad
    15. Wei-zhong is able to see credentials of access to the KB made from abroad. Should someone from another country try to access the database, Wei-zhong will be notified. This is necessary to monitor for possible hacking and other attacks.

    16. Workaround for inline permissions via User Access Lists
    17. What is it? Create a new document for inline permission controls. Only part of a document is accessible to certain groups. How? Include the document, and then restrict read access on document.

    18. "Last active version" flag in a document's Revision history
    19. Scenario: take a live document to edit mode. The user has saved numerous version changes. However, the user now wants the document back to last ACTIVE version. Instead of digging thru versions for answers, Wei-Zhong has added flag to indicate the last active version. Upon clicking on a document's Revision history, the Version column will say "last active version" in green.

  2. On-going and Proposed Changes

    1. "Show changes" button to reveal what's new (and old) on the document page.
    2. Office 365: Information is changing about developments from day to day.
    3. Can Wei-zhong create an alert to notify the reader that changes have been made? Perhaps a Show changes function can be created. Can work well with incremental changes. Older document versions will appear in strikeout and new content will appear in green. Comparing the LAST active version to the current active version button can be made available.
    4. Use Google Analytics to track User Geolocations
    5. Google Analytics tracking devices and geolocation of users.UW Green Bay will also be looking into this function.

    6. KB User's Guide integration with the KB Admin Tools <
  3. Ongoing

    1. Adaptive / responsive site design for KB

      Adapt KB to a variety of screen sizes and various devices.

    2. FeedbackTo eamil addresses to be included in the Expiration Notifications
    3. Restrict KB meeting minutes to Admins with publish rights for Berkeley

      Is this a must have or nice to have? Berkeley would like to restrict to this to superadmins. Hierarchical User Access groups settings..may need to consider a middle ground.

    4. Moving monthly meeting time from 10:00-11:00 to 11:00-12:00 Central Time?

      We will be moving the meeting at the request of Berkeley. We will continue to consider moving the meetings to 11am Central time. Reminders may be sent out for next month's meeting,

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