Scanx document scanners configuratoin

Software configuration for the touch screen scannx scanners.

 Software Setup

For in depth details regarding destination configuration, see the full Setup Guide.

    1. When the system is completely powered up, and the "Touch Screen to begin" screen is displayed, power on and connect the flatbed.
    2. With the USB keyboard connected, tap the Scannx Logo 3 times quickly. The default access PIN is 8147. Then select "Enter Configuration".
    3. Go to the Destination Tab to configure the different Destinations that will be offered to users.
    4. By default Scan to Smart Phone, Email, USB, Google Drive, Print, and Fax should be enabled, however without configuration, Email and Print will be disabled.
    5.  To add a new destination, hit the "Add New Button" button, assign it an unused row and column number and change the "Visible:" value to Show.
    a. If there aren't enough available rows increase the Row number at the top of the screen.
    6. To unlock email, go to the Email row, hit the Setup button, enter the appropriate server and user account information. Hit the Test Server button to validate your settings. Once email has been validated, the destination will be unlocked.
    7. To enable a printer, first the driver must be installed. To access Windows, click the "Home=>" button to return to the home screen. Tap the Scannx logo 3 times quickly, enter the PIN and select "Close Application" from the keypad.
    a. It is recommended to use the Windows update driver for your printer, as they do not generate unwanted pop-ups or notification screens that may confuse an end user.
    b. Use the Windows 7 x86 driver (32 bit)
    c. For the administrator account information, see section 1.4 for the credentials to install software.
    8. After the printer drivers are installed, launch the BSC software from the Start Menu, tap the Scannx logo 3 times quickly, enter the PIN and select "Enter Configuration". Go to the Destination tab, and from the Printer row, hit the Setup button. Select your printer from the drop down list, then hit the "View Settings" button.
    a. This should pop up the printer driver settings. At th is time, the options below should be populated.
    b. Once you hit OK on the printer driver settings, enable the rest of the options below as preferred. If your printer supports duplexing, but the option is not available, confirm in the scanner driver if the option is listed as enabled or installed. Configuration of this feature is model specific.
    c. For best results with the print preview screen, make sure to select the Paper Size that's available. Click the "Paper Size 1:" checkbox, then select NorthAmericanLetter from the drop down. You  can change the display name of the paper size in the field to the right.
    9. After configuring the printers, you can assign them a more user friendly name in the Destination Tab; It is recommended to change the friendly name to something that helps users find their print jobs.


    1. Make sure that all 3 items are powered on. (The flatbed portion, the touch screen portion, and the scroll scanner portion all need to be powered up.)
    2. Ensure that the USB cables connecting the Flatbed and Scroll feed scanners are connected and securely seated and that the cables are still connected to the touch screen.
    3. Verify that the network cable is connected to the wall. If the issue is a network / communication issue, remove and replug it into the wall jack.
    4. If there are vertical streaks in a scanned document that was scanned in the scroll fed scanner, likely there is some sort of dirt on the scanner glass. Open the scanner and clean the scanning lenses.
    5. The flatbed scanner has a yellow scan head lock on one end. If the lock is on the scan head won't move and the scanner will make a grinding noise. Press the yellow switch down to unlock the scanner.
    6. If either of the scanners isn't registered as a source to scan from, make sure that it's turned on. Both have blue LED buttons that should be lit if they're on.


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