Expert Review

This policy states that the UW-Madison assures that individuals with appropriate scientific or scholarly expertise review research studies.

  1. The UW-Madison ensures that research studies undergo appropriate scientific or scholarly review through the following mechanisms:

    1. All cancer-related research is required to undergo review by the UW-Madison Carbone Cancer Center Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee, which assesses study design, feasibility, and the qualifications of the study team to conduct the research.

    2. Certain health sciences research studies are required to be reviewed and approved by the Scientific Review Committee, which was established the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

    3. Research studies are assigned to the appropriate IRB.

      1. The UW-Madison has established specialized IRBs with varying expertise in research area and methodology to accommodate the range of human participants research conducted by UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students.

    4. Research studies are assigned to at least one IRB member with the appropriate expertise as a primary reviewer who conducts an in-depth review of the research study.

    5. IRB members are selected who have expertise in the subject matter areas most frequently represented in the research studies directed to the IRB.

    6. Consultants are used for review if the IRB Chair, IRB Director, or IRB committee determines that additional expertise is required to adequately assess the research study.

Adopted By: All Campus IRB
Adoption Date: November 10, 2005
Revised By: All Campus IRB
Effective Dates of Revisions: June 7, 2007; January 22, 2009
Revised By: HRPP Advisory Committee
Effective Dates of Revisions: March 1, 2012
Revised By: Cross-Campus Human Research Protection Program Advisory (HRPP) Advisory Committee
Effective Dates of Revisions: December 11, 2014

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