SIS - Service Indicators / Holds

Service Indicators are used in a variety of ways to designate certain services or data for a student. Most generally, service indicators (holds) are used to prevent enrollment (add, drop, or swap) and access to student records.

More Detailed information about Service Indicators is contained in a SIS training manual, located at

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To Remove a Service Indicator / Hold:

  1. In SIS, Navigate to the Manage Service Indicators page:
    Tile: Student Records WorkCenter, Manage Service Indicators
    >NavBar > Navigator >Campus Community >Service Indicators >Person >Manage Service Indicators
  2. Use the find page to locate the student's records
  3. Find the specific service indicator you wish to delete and select its Code link
    List of Service Indicators on Student's record

  4. Select [Release] button to delete the service indicator
    Service Indicator Release image

  5. Select [OK] to the release message if you want to delete the service indicator

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