Office 365 (Outlook on the web) - People/Contact Overview

People/Contact is where your personal contacts are stored and where you can view any address books that have been set up for your organization.

The following topics are covered:

Note: All the instructions below assume you are within the "People" application.

Open People application

  1. Log into Outlook on the web.
  2. Open the app launcher tool in the top left of your Outlook on the web window as shown below.

    app launcher icon

  3. Select People from the list of available apps.

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What you'll see in People

People View

  1. Search People. Type a person's name here to search for them in your contacts and in your organization's address book.
  2. List of all contacts in the current folder. This area will also provide your search results.
  3. Create a new contact by selecting New --> Contact.
  4. This is the contact card for the selected person.
  5. Actions you can take directly from the contact card. Select the icons to send a message or schedule a meeting request. For more information, see Actions you can take from a contact.

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A miniature contact card

You can hover over or select any name in the sender, To, or Cc fields of a message to see a brief summary of their contact information. This same information appears in the reading pane at the top of every entry in People.

It includes their IM status (if available), name, job title, and icons that you can select to send them a message, start an IM session with them, or create a meeting invitation addressed to them.

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Create a new contact

To create a contact, select the button New and click Contact.

New Button

This will open a blank contact form. Fill in any details that you like to add about your new contact.

Add Contact

Click the + sign located next to each attribute to open more options. For example, if the person you're adding to your contacts has multiple phone numbers, select the + sign next to Phone to add additional phone numbers.

When you're done, click Save button to save your changes or click Cancel to cancel creation of the contact.

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Create a contact group

You can create two types of contact groups in Outlook on the web. The first is a personal contact group, which is a group that is stored in your Contacts folder under Groups and can contain entries from your personal Contacts and from your organization's address book.

To create a personal contact group, select the plus from the tab Groups.

Add a new group

This will open a blank group form. Enter the group name that you want and any notes. Once finished click Create.

Fill in the appropriate information

To add members, type the name of the person you want to add in Add Members. Outlook on the web will search for a match in your Contacts and in your organization's address book. If a match isn't found, you can search for that person. You can also type an email address directly in Members. Press Enter to add your selection to the group.

Note: Users you add to a group must be affiliated with the University, otherwise you will not be able to add them.

Add Member to your group

If you select Not now, you will be able to add more members once you open up your group.
Your new group will be shown under the Groups tab.

Your group shows up under the group tab

If you open your group you will see something similar to what is displayed below. In the top right corner you will be able to view how many members are in your group. 

What you will see in your new group

To edit the group click on the extended menu and select Edit group. Here you will be able to add more members, change the group name and view activity of the group.

Edit Group

When you're done, select Save to save your changes or Discard to cancel.

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Create a contact from a message

You can add any contact that you see in a message to your Contacts. To add a contact from a message:

  1. Select the name to see the miniature contact card.
  2. Click Add - add new contact card screen will appear.
  3. Add any additional information you want.
  4. Click Save to add the card to your Contacts, or Cancel to cancel.

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Edit a contact

Find and select the contact that you want to edit. You can only edit contacts in the folders under My Contacts. When you select a contact, you'll see their details in the reading pane. To edit their information, select Edit. Make any changes that you want, and then click Save to save your changes or Discard to cancel.

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Linking and unlinking contacts

Outlook on the web detects contacts that have the same or very similar display names and will link them into a single view. To see which contacts have been linked, choose a contact card, and then if that contact has links, Links will show up on the action tool bar. (Not all contacts will have links.)

Links shown for contact

You can unlink a specific contact by clicking on the X. 

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