Security - Removing a Block

If your computer is unable to connect to the campus network Wireless UWNet, it is possible that your internet access has been disabled. Internet connectivity has been denied to computers that have been infected by virus or other security vulnerabilities that can compromise the University network.

You can call the DoIT Help Desk (264-4357) to determine if your access has been disabled. If it has been disabled, the following steps will need to be completed before Internet access can be restored.

If it is found that your computer has been disabled, please complete the following steps to restore your internet access.

Note: If you are not able to perform these steps yourself, the DoIT Help Desk offers a free virus detection and removal service for up to 2 hours.

Windows / MacOS / Desktop

  1. Install licensed Anti-Virus software.

  2. Update Anti-Virus software with the latest definitions.

  3. If possible, perform a full scan of all hard drives in safe mode.

    • Please see the directions for Windows - Booting into Safe Mode.
    • Run a full scan of all hard drives. (If you cannot run a scan in Safe Mode, shut down and perform it in the normal startup mode.) This scan searches for viruses as well as other security risks such as adware or spyware. Delete or quarantine all viruses. Record the names of the viruses.
    • If a virus is found and a virus removal tool exists for that virus, the removal tool should be run to remove any remnants of the virus.

  4. Install the latest Updates (if you haven't already).

iOS / Android / Smartphone

  1. If possible, attempt to run an Anti-Virus scan on the device.

    • There is no campus licensed anti-virus for iOS or Android at this time - install anti-virus apps at your own discretion. However, Malwarebytes is a common anti-virus for Android users.
    • Various paid options are available through each phone's respective App Store - install at your own discretion. 
  2. Identify and remove any malicious apps

    • This may be an application that has been recently installed or updated on the device.
    • Additionally verify that the applications that were used recently before the device was disabled are legitimate.
  3. If unable to identify any malicious apps, come to our walk-in location.

    • A technologist will review your device and assist you in removing any security vulnerabilities from your device.
    • The DoIT Help Desk walk-in hours are listed at the bottom of the page at Get Help from DoIT

Next Steps

Once you have completed these steps, contact the DoIT Help Desk over the phone at 608-264-4357. Your internet access will not be restored unless a phone agent confirms that a virus or security threat is no longer present. If you fail to complete these steps and the virus or security threat is still present, the Office of Campus Information Security will disable your internet access again.

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