Manifest - Requesting Service-Enabled Groups

This document is intended for group administrators and outlines the process for requesting service-enabled groups. Such groups provide access to various enterprise services to group members.

Approval Process

A two step approval process is required before a group can be granted services:

  1. First the group must be approved by WARG, the Working Affiliation Review Group. This process is usually quick, but must be done first.
  2. Then the group must be approved by the respective service owners (i.e. admins of NetID, WiscWorld, Office 365, etc.).

WARG Approvals

To begin the process, navigate to My Groups in the Manifest interface and choose the group for which you would like to provide services. Then click Details next to the group name. From here, the approval process will begin.

  1. Click the Services tab.

  2. Click the +Request Services button.

  3. Complete the required information and any additional information that may be useful.

  4. Once the form is complete, click Submit request to send the form to WARG for the first approval.

Once submitted, WARG approvers will review and approve or deny within 5 days (but usually within hours). If approved, your group will be allowed to request services in the following step.

Service Approvals

Following WARG approval, you will be able to request the individual services that you'd like for your group. To begin, follow the same procedure as above to navigate to the group. Once on the Service tab, you will see a new form.

  1. Under the Available section you will see services available to request.

  2. Comments can be added detailing the reason for your request.

  3. Click the Request button.

Your request(s) will be sent to the respective service owner for approval and you will see the selected services appear in the Pending section of the form. Once approved, you will receive an email and the service will move to the Accepted section. Your group members will then be able to access the corresponding service(s) after logging into a fresh session with their NetID.

Note that it may take several business days for service owners to review requests. If any questions arise throughout the approval process, please contact

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