SIS - UW Unofficial Transcript (formally called UW Student Record)

This document gives a link to how SIS end users can run an UW unofficial transcript in SIS, previously known as 'UW Student Record'.

Note: These instructions are for staff who have SIS access to security role SR_UTRAN.

Most users should request transcripts as seen here: 

Staff: How to view/print/email an Unofficial Transcript from within SIS:

Students / Graduates can order official and unofficial transcripts from the Student Center>>Academic Records>>Request My Official Transcript or View Unofficial Transcript.

Useful links:

Student Center - Requesting an Unofficial Transcript
Student Center - Ordering your Official Transcript

Former students enrolled in a term from Fall 1979 to Summer 2010 can order official and unofficial transcripts by loggin in through

Useful links:

Transcript - Requesting Transcripts Without a NetID

My Info - Error: Invalid Campus ID or PIN

Former students enrolled in Summer 1979 or earlier can order an official transcript using this link: