ECMS - Multi-page TIFFs incorrectly created

This document explains the known issues of Multi-page TIFFs incorrectly created when scanning in color using CaptureNow Adrenaline

ImageNow: Multi-page TIFFs incorrectly created when scanning in color using CaptureNow Adrenaline

When scanning a color document into Perceptive Content using Adrenaline, multi-page TIFFS are created instead of single-page TIFFs as expected. As a result, the image file can exceed several megabytes in size.


If you have a scanner workstation affected by the multi-page tiff issue detailed below and have been using the workaround of adding a Scanning key to the imagenow.ini of "Cleanup=FALSE", you can consider upgrading the client on your affected scanning machines to build 441 of the client.

Client 441 has only been lightly tested, and should be implemented by you only if in your assessment the issues associated with using the workaround outweigh the uncertainty of a lightly tested client version.

Prior to upgrading, you should comment out the scanning key lines you added to the imagenow.ini.

Build 441 of the client is available here:

Issue Detail (Historical)

This issue occurs due to Perceptive Content's failure to compress color images, and has been identified as a known issue in version 7.0 and higher.

Succinctly, if the following conditions are true:

Then the VRS software process against the original TIFF scan creates additional pages and adds them to the each page of TIFF scanned image. As a consequence of this behavior:

The following workarounds are available:

It looks like adding a section and key to the imagenow.ini file might address the multi-page tiff issue (without client patching, or license and middleware swapping). Per the below:

  1. On the scanner workstation, close the ImageNow client
  2. Navigate to C:Files (x86)
  3. As a precaution, make a copy of the imagenow.ini and store it somewhere safe
  4. Edit imagenow.ini, by adding the following section and key:
  5. Save and close the imagenow.ini
  6. Execute the client, login, and try scanning some batches in color and grayscale