UW-Madison G Suite - Using a Google Sites Template

When creating a Google Site, users can use pre-made templates instead of creating one from scratch. With a template, a site can be made quickly and easily by entering in data to appear on the site without having to build a layout.

Please note that Google Sites are most appropriate for individuals needing to get a web page or site up and running quickly. Campus departments or offices should use the UW-Madison Web templates for their public websites.

There are many Google Sites templates available, including sites with accessibility built in. Follow these instructions to use a template:

  1. Log in to UW-Madison G Suite with your NetID and password using the following URL:

    If you have multiple UW-Madison G Suite accounts, select your desired account from the list provided.

    Select account

    If you only have one UW-Madison G Suite account, you will be logged into your account automatically.

  2. Click Sites in the navigation bar at the top of the screen

  3. Click the Create button on the left to create a new Google Site

  4. Click the Browser the gallery for more box

  5. Select a site template you would like to use.

More on Accessibility

Some templates have been pre-made with the campus web accessibility policy in mind. For example, "COE Template 1" has links with information about site accessibility: