How DATN Works

More Detailed Explanation of How DATN Works.

  • For help in resolving firewall issues, see Knowledge Base Article DATN and Firewalls in Windows and OS X, or contact the DoIT Help Desk
  • DATN only works on the UW-Madison Campus.
  • DATN only works on wired Ethernet connections.
  • DATN does not work over wireless.
  • DATN does not work over a VPN connection.
  • DATN does not work on iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android devices.
  • Here is a description of the process of running the DATN player:
    • When you click on the DATN link it tries to run Java, passing it the name of the applet to run: openguideapplet.
    • If Java can run, openguideapplet determines which platform you are using (PC, Apple or Linux). 
    • Openguideapplet then downloads a custom player for that platform. That player is not permanently installed.  it is discarded when the viewing session is done.
  • There have been recent security vulnerabilities with Java, so it is very important to keep Java up-to-date on your computer. You can test whether Java is present, and which version of Java you have by going to and clicking on Do I have Java?
  • Your operating system may not include Java run Java by default.  if a dialog message pops up, follow the instructions it contains.
  • In general, if InStream won't launch, it is a Java problem.
  • In general, if InStream launches, but reports No Broadcast Found, it is a network issue (wireless, firewall blocking or NAT connection).
  • The Firefox browser now blocks Java by default. Here are instructions from Firefox for How to use Java if it's been blocked 
  • InStream player will ask to use the network. If your computer has a firewall,  It may ask you whether the InStream player can use the network.
  • Once that permission is provided and the Java program executes, a black InStream window and a grey channel list window should pop up. Click on one of the channels like CNN and video should appear.
  • Multicast usually doesn't work through NAT (Network Address Translation) connections. Home routers usually use NAT.  Therefore, DATN usually doesn't work with home routers.
  • DATN might not work when using Virtual operating systems like VMWare Fusion and Parallels, if the network connection is configured to use NAT.
  • This is rare: If your computer has BOTH a wired Ethernet connection and a WiFi connection, AND if the WiFi connection has a higher priority than the Ethernet connection, then your computer will try to use WiFi for DATN, which won't work. You can solve this by disabling the WiFi connection, or by going in to system settings and giving the Ethernet connection a higher priority.
    • Windows usually sets Ethernet priority above WiFi priority.
    • On a Mac, go to System PreferencesNetwork . If Wi-Fi and Ethernet are both green, and Wi-Fi is above Ethernet, find the little gear to the right of the + and - symbols, click on the downward arrow, and select Set Service Order. Drag Ethernet above Wi-Fi, and click OK. Then click Apply and close the window.

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