Office 365 (Outlook 2010) - Create a new color category

Color categories enable you to easily identify and group associated items in Microsoft Outlook. Assign a color category (color category: A keyword or phrase with an associated color that helps you keep track of items, such as messages, contacts, and appointments. You can use color categories to easily find, sort, filter, or group items.) to a group of related items — such as notes, contacts, appointments, and email messages — so that you can quickly track and organize them. More than one color category can be assigned to items.

The category colors are prominently displayed in table (table: A view type that displays a list of items (rows) and their attributes (columns). Use this view to display details about items. Table is the default view type for Inbox and Tasks.) views, such as your Inbox, and within the open items themselves. You can rename the categories to something more meaningful to you or choose different colors for the categories. This flexibility enables you to design a color category system that fits your personal work style.

To create a color category, do the following:

  1. In any view, on the Home tab, in the Tags group, click Categorize, and then click All Categories.

    All Categories command in the Tags group

     Note    For calendar items, the Tags group appears on the Appointment or Meeting tab. For an open contact or task, the Tags group appears on the Contact or Task tab.

  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name box, type a name for the new color category.

    Add New Category dialog box

  4. Click the arrow next to Color, click the color that you want.
  5. If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut, in the Shortcut Key list, click a shortcut.
  6. Click OK on the Add New Category and Color Categories dialog boxes.

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