InfoAccess - Password Reset

This document helps you reset your InfoAccess password if:

  • You know your password and want to manually change it.
  • You have forgotten your InfoAccess password.

When is the InfoAccess username and password required?

The InfoAccess username/password is used to validate authorization to query-specific data. There are two situations when a customer will need to provide their InfoAccess username/password:

  1. Before processing queries in the Query Library that use sensitive data views.
  2. Before running queries directly against data in the InfoAccess data base using Hyperion or another query tool such as MS Access.

In both cases a dialogue box titled "InfoAccess.oce" or "dwhp.oce" will appear requesting a username and password.

Resetting a Known Password

If you know your InfoAccess password, you can Change Your InfoAccess Password here.

Resetting a Forgotten Password

If you have a NetID, you can reset your InfoAccess password by navigating to and selecting Reset Your Account Password.

If you do not have a NetID, please contact the DoIT Help Desk and provide your 3-character logon ID. They will escalate a case to DoIT Security, who will assist in resetting your password.

Password Requirements

Your new password should be at least 12 characters long, start with a letter, and contain at least one of each:

  1. Lowercase letter
  2. Uppercase letter
  3. Number
  4. Special characters except '@'

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