WiscWeb CMS - Adding Google Translate to your website

Instructions on how to add Google Translate to your website in WiscWebCMS

In order to better reach your audience, you may want to take advantage of Google's automatic translation service. While it isn't perfect, it offers a free and easy to use translation service that makes a best effort attempt to translate the content of your site into many, many languages. Follow these steps to add Google Translate to your WiscWebCMS site:

  1. If you are logged into a personal Google account for Gmail, Calendar, or anything else, please log out before continuing!
  2. Go to the Google Translate website manager and click "Add to your website now"

  3. Google will ask you to log in. It is important to use a role based departmental account. If you do not, the translate functionality on the website will be tied to your personal Google account.

  4. After logging in you should see a screen that asks for your website's URL and the primary language of the website. Go ahead and fill that in and click the blue "Next" button.

  5. The next screen you see is the "Plugin Settings" page. Here you can set the languages, display more, and some advanced options for your Google Translate widget. Once you've configured the settings to your liking, click the blue "Get Code" button at the bottom.

  6. If you see this screen, you've successfully configured your Google Translate widget for use on your website! Now we need to tell WiscWebCMS how to display it. Note: If you incorrectly configured something, or wanted to change settings, you can click on the blue "Manage Translations" button. For more information please see the Google help on the translate plugin .
    A successful Google translate plugin configuration screen shows the code to be copied and pasted.

  7. If you haven't already, please log in to WiscWebCMS and click on the "SmartEdit" tab. This will load the "Project Start Page" or "Table of Contents" for your WiscWebCMS website. Open the page by clicked the red dot next to "[Your Project] Start Page" (just below the WiscWeb CMS banner).

  8. On this page, you should see a section labeled "Google Services". In that section should be a subsection labeled "Translation" with a red dot next to it. Click the red dot to open up the setting for Google Translate and change it from "No" to "Yes" and click OK.

  9.  After the Start Page refreshes you should see two additional fields under the "Translation" heading, "Meta Tag" and "Snippet Code". Copy and paste the code from step 6 into the appropriate red dots. Note: After clicking on each red dot, a window will pop up with three options, click "Open the text editor" to copy and paste the Translate code.
    Copy and paste the code from the first box into the red dot labeled "Edit Meta Tag" and the code in the second box to the red dot labeled "Snippet Code"

  10. If you've done everything correctly, you should see the following in the Google Services area under Translation:
    A successful implementation of Google Translate

Additional Information:

If the translate widget doesn't show on published web pages
Check that you've correctly copied and pasted the code in step #9. If the code looks correct, and republishing your site.

If the translate widget is showing up, but doesn't look right
Check to make sure you copied and pasted the Meta Tag correctly in step #9. The ID contained in this code tells Google what the translate button should look like.

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