Learn@UW/D2L - Self Enroll for a Group

This document describes how a student can self enroll in a group in a course. The course must contain self enrollment groups and the Navigation bar must include the Groups tool.

To self enroll in a group in your course, do the following:

  1. Select the Groups tool.

  2. In the "Groups" interface, you will see "[Choose Group]" links by the group category[ies] in which you can enroll. Select [Choose Group] by the group category.

    [Choose Group]
  3. In the "Choose Group" interface, select the group you want to enroll in.

    Select the group

    The number of members by a group indicates how many students are already enrolled in that group. If a group contains enrolled students and there is available space, the number is a link you can click on to find out who is currently enrolled in that group before selecting it.

    If a group is indicated as "Full", you will not be able to select it.

  4. Press the Select button to complete the process or the Close button to cancel.