Internet Explorer (Win) - Resetting Window Size

This document explains how to reset browser windows to open at the size you want.

The setting of the last browser windows that you close will be applied to subsequent windows. To prevent browser windows from opening smaller or larger than you want, follow these steps to reset browser size:

  1. Close all other browser windows.
  2. Click the restore down button if this page is maximized. The restore down button is the pair of boxes between the close-page button [X] and the minimize button [-]. If this page is not maximize, skip this step.
  3. Resize this page by stretching the corner of the browser windows with your mouse. If you want windows to open full screen, stretch the corners as far as possible. DO NOT use the maximize button.
  4. Close this page once you have the size that you want.
  5. Repeat these steps if browser size memory needs to be reset.