D2L - Configuring and Receiving Notifications (UW-Madison)


UW-Madison is adopting Canvas as the single, centrally supported learning management system, and discontinuing support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and Moodle. Access to D2L and Moodle will permanently end June 1, 2018. For information about retaining materials from D2L or Moodle, please refer to this document.

The Notifications tool enables you to receive instant notifications via your mobile device, email, or both about course activity, such as grades, new discussion posts, upcoming quizzes, upcoming dropbox end dates, and news items. You can also choose to receive instant notifications about ePortfolio feedback and subscription activity.

Instructors: Important Considerations about Notifications

It's important to understand the power of notifications and how to avoid triggering them inadvertently. For instance, if you create and publish a News item, then decide to give it a future start date, everyone who is subscribed to News notifications will already have been sent a notification about the new news item, even though it now has a future start date. Similarly, if you create a Discussion post, then delete it, anyone who subscribed to the thread (topic or forum) will have already been sent a notification when the post was initially made. Deleting the post will not make those notifications disappear. So as you add material to your course, please keep in mind the implications that notifications can have and plan accordingly.

Configure Your Notification Settings

  1. Click on your name in the minibar at the top of the screen, then select Notifications.

Set up an email contact method

  1. Click Enable email notifications.
  2. Select your system email or custom email. If you select Use custom email, enter your email address.
  3. Click Save.

Set up a mobile contact method

  1. Click Register your mobile.
  2. Select your country and mobile carrier,
  3. NOTE: If you don't see your mobile carrier in the list, please contact the DoIT Help Desk and give them the carrier information. It will then be added.
  4. Enter your 10-digit mobile number in the form. DO NOT include a leading "1" before the number.
  5. Click Save. You should receive a confirmation code on your mobile device within 5 minutes.
  6. After you receive the registration code, enter it in the Confirmation Code field.
  7. Click Confirm.

Subscribe to a summary of course activity

NOTE: To do this you must first set up your email address in the Notifications screen.
  1. Select a delivery frequency from the How often? drop-down list.
  2. Specify a time of day to receive your summary from the At what time? drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.

Subscribe to instant notifications

  1. Under the "Instant Notifications" section, select either/both the email option (letter icon) or the SMS option (mobile phone option) for any of the notifications you'd like to receive.
  2. Click Save.
NOTE: To receive notifications for discussions, you need to subscribe to them. For more, see 
Document 18969 is unavailable at this time. .
NOTE: At this time, it's not possible to receive SMS notifications for new discussion postings.

Other notification settings...

    • If you selected, in the Instant Notification section, to receive grades notifications, you may or may not want the actual grade value sent in the notification. To change this setting, use the Include my grade value in notifications from Grades option under "Customize Notifications."
    • Please disregard the options for receiving notifications from past, future, or inactive courses. This functionality is not available.

Exclude courses from notifications

  1. Click Manage my course exclusions in the "Exclude Some Courses" section.
  2. Click the "X" beside each course you do NOT want to receive notifications from, or click Exclude All Courses to stop notifications from all courses. You can also use the Search function to find courses you want to exclude.
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click Save.

Restore excluded course notifications

  1. To restore course notifications, click the Manage my course exclusions link in the "Exclude Some Courses" section.
  2. Click the Restart notifications icon (little blue arrow icon) beside each course you want to resume receiving notifications from. Or, you can click the Restore excluded courses link at the top of the window to restore all excluded courses. 
  3. Click Close.
  4. Click Save.

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