ECMS - ImageNow: When printing to the ImageNow Printer a save file prompt appears

This document explains what to do when printing to the ImageNow Printer a save file prompt appears rather than the expected linking dialog box.

When a user logs in to the Perceptive Software desktop client after the client has timed out they may receive a minimized looking toolbar that is not usable.

To avoid this, desktop clients should log out of the client when they will be using it for over 30 minutes. In the event the client does time out for lack of use, the user will need to close the client completely and then restart the client before trying to log back in.

ImageNow: When printing to the ImageNow Printer a save file prompt appears

Perceptive Knowledgebase article trouble-shooting steps for ImageNow when printing to the ImageNow Printer results in a "Save File" prompt.

Last Published Date: 7/31/2013 2:52 PM


When printing to the ImageNow Printer, you are prompted to save the document. This may be caused by an invalid entry in the Windows Registry.


Follow these steps to update the scripting path in the Windows registry to point to the location of the inowprint.ini file.

NOTE: you will need Administrator privileges to edit the Windows Registry.

  1. Verify the location of the inowprint.ini file. Note: The default installation directory of the inowprint.ini is [drive]:\<Program Files> or <Program Files (x86)>\<ImageNow> or <ImageNow7>\etc\inowprint.ini
  2. On the client computer click Start, and then click Run.
  3. On the Run dialog box, in the Open box, type "regedit", and then click OK.
  4. From the File menu select Export and create a backup of the registry before making any changes. This back can be used to restore the registry should anything go awry. A suggested name is the current date plus "backup", e.g., "20130805_backup.reg". This Microsoft document provides additional information on backup/restore of the Registry (for Windows XP/Vista/7): Alternatively, you can use Windows Restore to create a RestorePoint which can be used to reverse changes to the Registry. See the Windows documents for your version of Windows to learn how to do this.
  5. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE by clicking on the +, then expand System.
  6. Under System, expand CurrentControlSet, and then expand Control.
  7. Under Control, expand Print, and then expand Printers.
  8. Under Printers, expand the ImageNow Printer.
  9. Under ImageNow Printer, select PrinterDriverData.
  10. In the right pane, confirm that the "Scripting File" key value is the path to the inowprint.ini file from the first step. If not, corret it and skip the next step.
  11. In the right pane, if a "Scripting File" key is missing, create a new key. Follow these steps to create a new Windows Registry key.
    1. From the Edit menu, select New, and then select String Value.
    2. In the New Value box, type Scripting File.
    3. Double-click the Scripting File key.
    4. In the Edit String window, in the Value data box, type the path to the inowprint.ini file: [drive]:\<Program Files> or <Program Files (x86)>\<ImageNow> or <ImageNow7>\etc\inowprint.ini
    5. Click OK.
  12. From the File menu select Exit.
  13. Restart the client computer to reload the registry settings.
  14. Confirm that the "Save File" prompt no longer appears when using the ImageNow Printer.

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