Popup Blocker - FAQ

There are several varieties of popup blockers available to end-users. This document answers questions about the different popup blockers and explains which ones are best.

Do I need a popup blocker on my computer?

This is a personal preference. While there are many sites that use unwanted popup advertisements, there are also legitimate websites that use popups as part of their infrastructure. Using a popup blocker may limit the usability of these websites.

Are any university websites affected by popup blockers?

The following univeresity websites use popups. If you are using a popup blocker, you need to have popups enabled for the sites to function properly.

Which popup blockers does DoIT recommend?

We recommend using the popup blockers built-in to the following web browsers:
Note: The following links are to external sites such as Microsoft's and Mozilla's knowledge bases

These browsers allow users to customize how the popup blocker works. Click on the browser you are using to learn how to customize the popup blocker for your use.

I downloaded a third-party popup blocker. Can I use it instead?

You are welcome to use third-party popup blockers; however, DoIT does not support them. They may contain spyware, not function properly, or not function at all. If you use third-party popup blockers, be certain not to have more than one installed at any time.

How do I tell if I have a third party popup blocker installed?

Third party popup blockers can be difficult to detect. Google and Yahoo toolbars will appear in your web browser's menu under View | Toolbars. Other software may appear in your Taskbar, and some may not be detectable at all. Check your Add/Remove Programs menu and run a scan for spyware to try to eliminate any unwanted popup blockers.

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