My UW Madison - About My UW Madison Portal Web Conferencing

Faculty and staff can set up and manage web conferences directly from the My UW-Madison portal. These web conferences can be used for a number of purposes, such as live discussions, presentations, office hours, and so on.

My UW Madison web conferencing uses Blackboard Collaborate software. Blackboard Collaborate is a browser based web conferencing tool that allows people to communicate, collaborate, and participate in virtual meetings. 

Why My UW Madison Portal Web Conferencing?

The advantage of this system is that it makes it easy to create web conferences and invite attendees, whether or not they’re in a specific course or on a specific campus. You can also save recordings (“archives”) of web conferences in My UW Madison and send potential viewers a link to the recording. 

Collaborate web conferencing software can also be used independently of the portal. Faculty and students can use Ultra through its integration with Canvas.

Note: For faculty using Canvas we recommend using Blackboard Collaborate using its integration with that LMS.  For more information on how to activate web conferencing in Canvas please see this knowledge base document.


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