Web Hosting - Additional Publishing and Management Access

All Web Hosting domains include a primary Secure FTP role-based login to the server to publish content.  However, the Plesk control panel software does support multiple Secure FTP logins per domain.

Each additional SFTP user will have a chrooted (jailed) home directory location within in the site that you will need to specifiy for us to configure.  This is where the login will land within the site and have access to everything within on down (as well as the primary login). 

To request additional SFTP logins, email webhosting@doit.wisc.edu with a brief explanation of use and to what location it should have access.   There is no setup fee to configure the additional logins but if you need a large amount (30+ or more) a one time setup fee maybe required. 

Customers who are partnered with external (non-UW) website consultants/developers who may require server access, please see: Web Hosting - External Developer Access.

Options to Segregate Access

If your account has multiple publishers of content, you can restrict access to the SecureFTP and/or Administrative control panel credentials with one of the following options:

  • Use a Content Management System (CMS)
    • WiscWeb CMS is a free option, which is built on WordPress Multisite that is available to users on the UW-Madison campus.
    • Custom WordPress CMS Hosting is available with no setup fee and support starting at the Nickel service level.
  • Add additional domains to the existing account (mydept.wisc.edu/mysite ⇒ mysite.mydept.wisc.edu). For assistance, see Web Hosting - Adding Domains to Your Account.