ECMS - WAF-DEV - Installing and Accessing for ImageNow Users for Testing

This document explains the Installing and Accessing steps for WAF-DEV for ImageNow Users for Testing purposes.

WAF-DEV - Installing and Accessing

This document details how to connect to the Windows Access Facility (WAF).

WAF-DEV Account Setup

Interested persons should contact to request a WAF-DEV account. He will forward to the appropriate people to get the WAF-Dev account created. Please provide name and netid of the people who need the WAF-DEV account.

WAF-DEV accounts do not persist (e.g., accounts created in the summer of 2015 no longer exist). If you had an account previously, it is gone and you must request another account.

Windows Users:

To connect to WAF-DEV:

Macintosh Users:

Note: Mac OS X users can download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the Apple App Store.

After the application downloads and installs:

Unix/Linux Users

Security Warning

Some users of Windows computers have reported that they receive the following warning when they clicked on the "Connect" button from the Remote Desktop Connection client:

"The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?"

They selected to connect anyway and were able to use WAF.