ECMS - RDS-DEV - Accessing for ImageNow Users for Imaging Patch Testing

This document explains the Installing and Accessing steps for RDS-DEV for ImageNow Users for Testing purposes.

RDS-DEV - Accessing

This document details how to connect to the Windows Remote Desktop Service (RDS). More information on RDS is available at the service overview available at

RDS-DEV Account Setup

Interested persons should contact to request a RDS-DEV account. He will forward to the appropriate people to get the RDS-Dev account created. Please provide name and netid of the people who need the RDS-DEV account.

Windows Users:

To connect to RDS-DEV:

Macintosh Users:

Note: Mac OS X users can download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the Apple App Store.

After the application downloads and installs:

Security Warning

Some users of Windows computers have reported that they receive the following warning when they clicked on the "Connect" button from the Remote Desktop Connection client:

"The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?"

They selected to connect anyway and were able to use RDS.