Basic KB Information

This document contains a brief description of KB basics

A. Link to the KB Admin Tools:

  1. The link above will direct you to the Admin section of the KB. This is where content managers will work to create/transfer/upload content to the KB.
  2. You have been given access to the KB and are able to log in using your UW NetID and Password. 

B. Once signed in to the KB, you will be routed to the KB Admin Tools Dashboard. In order to view the KB Topic Tree, which is similar to a Table of Contents or a sitemap, click the "Topics" tab toward the top, center of your screen.

C. To view the Topic Tree for your content areas, scroll down the page until you reach your primary subheading - "Project Agreements and Intellectual Property" or "Research Policy and Compliance" - corresponding to your content area in the new Grad School webpages.

  1. Please note that the content you store in the KB will be organized under one (or more) of these headings in the Topic Tree (as you chose to arrange it). This Topic Tree is the view from the Admin side. 
  2. When end-users access documents stored in the KB directly from the new web pages, the experience from the user perspective will be much like moving from webpage to webpage within a website. The KB is designed to store content (documents) and information that might typically occupy a web page but requires more frequent updates to content. 
  3. The end-user view of the KB will display as follows: Please note there is a simplified topic listing and a link to a Site Map on the left side of this landing page in the KB for easy searching. This is the landing page that an end-user would access when clicking the "GS Admin KB" link place throughout the new Grad School web pages. Other links from the new web pages to information stored on the KB will direct end-users directly to the specified document in the KB. 

D. To search the GS Admin KB for a specific file by number, please visit the "Documents" tab and type the 5-digit document reference number into the search box located in the menu on the left-side of the screen.

E. In addition to searching for documents stored in the KB by their 5-digit reference number, you may also search for documents by status. In the "Documents" tab, from the menu on the left-side of the screen, you may search for documents that are Active, In Review, and In Progress. Click the status you intend to search by and a listing of all documents in this status category will appear on your screen. You may open document from this listing to continue editing them, for review or to activate.

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