Copying and Pasting Formatted Text in KB (i.e. Word Document)

A. Once logged-in to the KB Admin Tools (, select "Documents" from the tabs listed at the top center of the screen.

B. Once the Documents tab is open, select "New Doc" from the menu on the left-side of the screen. This will open a page with the heading "Creating a New Document" for your use.

C. On this page, type in the desired document title, the relevant keywords (used for searching) and a brief summary of the document you are uploading in the corresponding labeled fields: Title, Keywords, and Summary.

D. Once you have added your title, keywords and summary, you may prepare to transfer your Word document text into the "Body" text box in the editing screen. To prepare the "Body" text box for copying and pasting your text, scroll to the bottom of the text box and select "HTML" to allow for pasting your content from the Word 2 Clean HTML tool to the KB.

E. The Word 2 Clean HTLML Tool is the easiest mechanism for transferring this information to the appropriate format for the KB. This tool can be found at the following URL:

F. Leave the KB open in your browser in order to easily move between the web tool and the KB document you have started creating.

G. In your Word document, highlight and copy the content that you would like to transfer to the KB document. Paste this content into the text box on the Word 2 Clean HTML webpage. Check all boxes below the text box, EXCEPT for the "Indent with tabs, not spaces" option and click the "Convert to Clean HTML" icon.

H. Once converted, highlight and copy the clean HTML that now appears in the text box. Go back to the KB document you have started and paste the clean HTML into the "Body" text box in your KB document (remember to have HTML selected under the "Body" text box).

I. Scroll down and click the "Save Change" icon located under the "Body" text box. Saving the document will automatically assign a 5-digit document number that will be tied to your document moving forward.

J. To view the text you have transferred, click the "Preview" button under the "Body" text box. If you should you want to add/change any of the formatting you may do so in either the "HTML" or "Design" mode based on your comfort level. When in the "HTML" view, click "Design" under the text box to move to the Rich Text Editor. To move from the Rich Text Editor (Design mode) to "HTML", click the "HTML" link under the text box.

K. Once the text is in your document, save your progress by clicking "Save change" to assign a 5-digit document number. Once saved, you will notice that the document will now display "Editing Document XXXXX" at the top.

L. Scrolling down the editing screen, under the "Topics" section, select the topic(s) under which this attachment should be stored in the KB. Please note that you can drill down the Topic headings to specific subtopics by clicking the "+" icon in front of the primary topic heading. Select appropriate topics by checking the box by each desired topic/subtopic.

M. In the "Write Access" section, check the box by "Owner" to restrict editing to you only or check the box by "Owner group+owner" to allow editing by other internal parties. James and Kathi will be a valuable resources should you have specific question on who this "owner group" includes.

N. In the "Site Access" section, check the box by "GSAdmin -external" and/or "GSAdmin - internal" to allow the document to be viewed by internal and external users. Please note that most KB content will be viewed by both Internal and External users. If you would like additional details on when it might be appropriate to limit document access to internal users only, please contact James or Kathi for additional assistance.

O. In the "Select Status" section, check the box for "In progress" if you are still working on building your file in the KB. Check the box for "In Review" if the document draft is complete, but needs to be reviewed by other parties prior to becoming active. Check the box for "Active" once the document is finalized and ready to be viewed by internal and/or external users.

P. Select an "Expiration Date" by either leaving the default expiration date provided (4-years in the future), selecting "Never" if you prefer the document does not expire, or typing in the desired date of expiration. You will be notified prior to the document expiration for review, edits and reactivation of the document if appropriate.

Q. Once all steps have been followed, click "Submit" at the bottom of the editing screen. You will be taken to a screen that allows you to either "View Document XXXXX" or "Edit Document XXXXX" at this time.

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