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This document explains ImageNow Desktop Capture.

About ImageNow Desktop Capture

The CaptureNow product suite drives the desktop, ImageNow Client-based collection and processing of documents from multiple sources into ImageNow with a rich collection of scanning and importing functionality. You can collect files manually or automatically from a centralized location or distribute the capture of documents to different locations. Using CaptureNow, you can capture all types of documents, individually or in batches, into ImageNow's secure, organized, and accessible repository.

Capture and source profiles defined by your administrator store hardware and software settings such as resolution, page size, orientation, brightness, threshold detection, and duplex scanning. With these profiles, you can quickly select parameters that match a particular type of file you need to capture and create an ImageNow document.

You can deliver captured files directly into workflow processes and use automatic indexing features such as barcode recognition and, when CaptureNow is used with Recognition Agent, OCR processing. Quality Assurance features ensure images appear clean and readable before you assign the location and property values to a new document and store it in the ImageNow repository. For the files you need to scan, ImageNow is compatible with a wide range of scanners from Lexmark, Canon, Fujitsu, Xerox, and other manufacturers to ensure a flexible capture environment.

Desktop capture sources

CaptureNow supports the following capture source options.

Desktop capture modes

CaptureNow supports the following capture modes to provide flexibility in how ImageNow stores document pages and when in your business process the location and property values are assigned to documents.

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