ECMS - What are ImageNow Tasks?

This document explains ImageNow Tasks.

What are ImageNow Tasks?

A task is work that you assign to one or more users for documents and projects. There are three task types: document deficiency, pointer, and signature required. You choose the task that best matches the work that needs to be done. The task types are defined as follows:

There are several task views available in ImageNow Explorer that allow you to optimize task viewing and processing: My Assigned, To Review, Returned to Me, Complete Pending Review, and Returned by Me views run automatically when selected. The task results you see are based on your task role. For example, if you are a reviewer, when you select To Review, tasks that require your review appear. If you are not a reviewer and select To Review, no results are returned. You can customize the task startup and processing options for the My Assigned view.

Approval tasks

Retention Policy Designer generates approval tasks for approvers in a retention policy. An approver is a user or group member that must approve the disposition action that is set in a policy before that action can occur. The approval task is a system generated task; therefore, you cannot create or assign this task type.

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