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Imaging - Perceptive Content Fundamentals - Content Viewer - Email, Zoom and Properties

Perceptive Content Viewer

Content Viewer is a robust tool that controls all aspects of viewing scanned documents. The Content Viewer is the primary user interface within Perceptive Content.

Perceptive Content Viewer

This overview introduces you to E-mail, Zoom, and Properties regions of the Content Viewer.


The e-mail function within Perceptive Content enables users to e-mail documents as attachments or links (this requires the appropriate e-mail configuration). To e-mail Content documents, you must have a MAPI-compliant e-mail client installed and configured on your computer (for example, Outlook or Eudora).

There are three methods for emailing documents from within the Content Viewer:

Zoom Regions

There are times when you may need to closely inspect regions of a document. For example, suppose you want to view the number of allowances on an employee's W-4 in the bottom right corner of a document. Instead of manually zooming to that region (by mouse, icon, or scrolling), Content Viewer enables you to set one or more specific views, or zoom regions. This setting is helpful to users who must view specific areas ofa document many times in their workday.


By clicking on the Properties icon in the Content Viewer toolbar, users can see a detailed listing of information about the document, such as Document ID, creation and modification information, document keys, and file type as well as Project information and Version History.