L&S Concurrent Enrollment

This sections explains the process for an L&S undergraduate to get special permission to be concurrently enrolled.

It is possible for an L&S undergraduate student to get special permission to be concurrently enrolled (also known as concurrent registration) at UW-Madison while also taking a course at another institution. Students need to submit a formal request within the first few days of the fall or spring semester to be considered for such special status. 

Any student granted permission to be concurrently enrolled must complete the work for the transfer course in the same semester permission was granted to take the class.  In other words, a students has until the end of the semester in which the concurrent enrollment/concurrent registration was granted to complete the required course.  For example, a student who has been granted permission to be concurrently enrolled for the fall semester must complete the course in the fall term and have an official transcript sent to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment so the transfer coursework can be posted to the student's UW-Madison records.

For more detailed information on obtaining permission to be concurrently registered, please refer to concurrent enrollment through L&S Undergraduate Academic Deans' Services.   Also see concurrent enrollment/concurrent registration in the Undergraduate Catalog.

UW-Independent Learning and Tuition Waiver

Study Abroad on IAP

The following information is shared by Study Abroad/International Academic Programs (IAP) about taking on-line courses while on a study abroad program.   It is not always possible for students to take on-line courses given credit requirements on certain programs.  But it if it is possible, this is what is shared with students.  Students should contact IAP if they are thinking of doing an on-line course while studying abroad.  

If a student plans to take a UW-Madison or UW System on-line course during the same term as their study abroad program, the following applies:

Contact L&S Student Academic Affairs with further questions
Phone: (608) 262-0617
Email: lsdeans@saa.ls.wisc.edu