Learn@UW/D2L - Editing HTML Source in a Document with the HTML Editor

To edit the HTML source in a document with the HTML (or WYSIWYG) editor, click the "Edit HTML Source" icon ( </> ) near the lower right corner.

HTML editor

If the icon is not present, editing HTML source is not enabled for your role at your organization. If you feel it should be, ask for assistance. If you are at UW-Madison, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. Otherwise, contact your campus help desk.

Clicking the icon brings up the HTML Source Editor where you can edit the text and HTML tags. When done editing, press the Save button to save your changes or Cancel to back out of your changes. This closes the window and returns you to the HTML editor.

HTML Source Editor

Editing the HTML source, gives you have access to some functions not directly available in the HTML editor. For example, you can specify enumeration symbols in ordered lists (e.g, use <ol type="a"> ... </ol> to enumerate with a,b,c,... instead of 1,2,3... ).

Edit the HTML source with care. Improper HTML tags can cause the following problems:

If you made a mistake editing the HTML source and pressed Update, do NOT save the document; close the editor to undo your changes.