Maximum Appointment Levels for Graduate Assistants By Appointment Type


 No Concurrent Appointment  Domestic Dissertator / Non-Dissertator  International Dissertator / Non-Dissertator  Registration for Summer
 RA 50% 50%  YES
 PA 75% 50% NO
 TA 75%   50% NO
Combinations of Concurrent Appointments
TA/PA 75%50% NO
TA/RA 75% *50% YES 
PA/RA 75%* 50%YES 
RA/PA/TA 75% *50%YES 
PA/AS 75% 50%NO 
TA/AS or US75% 50%NO 
RA/AS or US75% 50% YES 
PA/LTE 75% 50%NO 
TA/LTE 75% 50%NO 
RA/LTE 75% 50%YES
PA/SH 75% 50%NO 
TA/SH 75% 50% NO 
RA/SH 75% 50% YES 

RA = Research Assistant, PA = Project Assistant, TA = Teaching Assistant, AS = Academic Staff, US = University Staff, LTE = Limited Term Employment, SH = Student Hourly  

* RA appointments are held to a 50% appointment level regardless of international or domestic student status.  The RA appointment level cannot be more than 50% for combination of concurrent appointments too. 

Graduate students who hold assistantships and have concurrent academic staff, classified staff or student hourly positions are held to the 75% maximum.

For Fellows and Trainees see Policy for Supplemental and Concurrent Appointments for Graduate Students Holding Predoctoral Fellowships or Traineeships.

The Request for Exception to Max Levels of Graduate Assistant Application form is only needed when requesting appointments that exceed the above levels. The Graduate School Human Resources Office is responsible for approving rare cases when there is a need for an exception to these policies. Clear documentation of the necessity for an exception to UW-Madison policy must accompany such a request and should be submitted through the appropriate Dean or Director to the Graduate School Human Resources Office, 307 Bascom Hall. Your Dean may require School/College review of some of these categories. They will notify you separately of any additional school/college requirements.