UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - Replacing / Changing an OTP Token

This document will explain the process in replacing / changing an OTP token.

When to Change / Replace My Token

There are several scenarios where you will need to get in contact with your Local Registration Authority (LRA) to replace your OTP token in the system.

  • Your token is missing / stolen / broken / malfunctioning

  • You replaced / reinstalled your smartphone OR the OTP application

  • You want to switch to using your smart phone from a key fob, or vice versa

If you fall under one of these scenarios, you will need to visit an LRA to update your OTP information. You will also need to be credentialed before your OTP token information can be updated.

To find the closest LRA to your location and what to bring, please follow the instructions on this KB: UW Digital ID - Customer - Credentialing Process

LRA Instructions

Follow the instructions listed on the activation / assignment KB document: UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - LRA - Activating / Assigning an OTP Token. However, you will need to select Change Device instead of Activate Device.

Note: The token type will not change on the request, even if you've switched token types (e.g. smart phone to key fob or vice versa). This is a known issue on the application and will NOT have an effect on how the OTP token will operate.

If the old device was a key fob, collect the key fob from the customer. You may return broken key fobs to UW Digital ID Administration. Please contact uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu to determine where to send broken fobs.