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UW-Madison is adopting Canvas as the single, centrally supported learning management system, and discontinuing support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and Moodle. Access to D2L and Moodle will permanently end June 1, 2018. For information about retaining materials from D2L or Moodle, please refer to this document.

The following are issues that are either common problems or known problems with SCORM in D2L.

Browser variation

Differences in internet browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Exlplorer) can create problems with SCORM content. Students should try alternate browsers if they experience problems.

"Missing" imsmanifest

A learning object's imsmanifest file contains important information about the nature and structure of the exercise. Desire2Llearn hides the imsmanifest.xml from the "Manage Files" interface when the learning object is imported. This creates two side effects:

  • A learning object cannot be exported from D2L. Save original Learning Object files (i.e., Captivate, Storyline) to be sure to keep your data in the future.
  • Altered presentations uploaded to the same directory may not accurately reflect changes. When uploading a revised learning object, it is advised to delete the old content, and to import into a new directory (with a different name).

Exercise attempt buttons

Exercises created for any edition of SCORM 2004 will display buttons for "Retry Attempt" and "End Attempt" when the student navigates the content. An unsupported solution to eliminate the buttons, is to remove the function that generates the "PerformChooseNavRequest" call from the javascript in the SCORM object. If the learning object does not include sequencing, the buttons can also be disabled by removing the sequencing via the D2L interface.

  1. Click on the module you want to remove simple sequencing for from the Table of Contents.
  2. Click Remove Sequencing from the module title's context menu.
  3. Click Yes to confirm action.

Gradebook dis-association

SCORM exercises that are associated to gradebook items cannot be disassociated from the gradebook when the Content links are deleted first. To disassociate a gradebook item:

  1. Use an existing item such as a quiz, discussion, or drop box that is not connected to a grade item (or create a new one temporarily).
  2. Connect the item to the unwanted SCORM grade item, Save, and then disconnect it, and Save.
  3. Repeat for all items you wish to delete from the gradebook. The items will then be unassociated, and can be deleted from Manage Grades.

If you have a lot of items, you can stay on the same dropbox (or other) and keep connecting and unconnecting until you have gone through them all. Just be careful not to use existing grade items with student scores.

Adapted from a Desire2Learn Community post

SSL links

An exercise which includes external content that is not served over SSL (https) will break the learning object.

Error when attempting to view SCORM Reports

All SCORM reports in a course will become unavailable (internal server error) if any SCORM object is moved away from the original parent module and the original parent is deleted. If this occurs, please contact the helpdesk to file a problem report.
Workaround: To avoid the problem, either retain the object with its parent module, or hide (rather than delete) the parent module after moving the SCORM object to a new location.

NEW (4/25/14): Students complete SCORM assignments, but scores not recorded in Gradebook

In courses that have SCORM content created with Articulate Storyline, students sometimes report receiving confirmation of a successful submission of their Storyline assignment, but find that their grades have not been pushed to the D2L Gradebook. This can occur if the student is using either Chrome or IE and their internet connection is lost. With these browsers, the SCORM package continues to interact with the student, allowing them to work through the assignment, submit, and display a results page. However, because the student is actually offline, the grades are not posted to the Gradebook. If students using Firefox lose their internet connection, the browser will freeze and the student will know there is an issue.
If a course uses Storyline content, students should be encouraged to use Firefox when completing assignments, and to do their work where there is a likelihood of a stable internet connection.

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