WiscWeb CMS - Known Issues with Internet Explorer

This document outlines known issues with Internet Explorer and WiscWeb CMS. As new issues and/or workaround are found for these issues, this document will be updated.

Linking to a text area results in Undefined page name

There are known issues in using Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and WiscWebCMS that requires users to run IE in compatibility mode. Without compatibility mode, many features will not function as expected. This document will discuss setting compatibility mode for IE10 and 11.

Setting Compatibility Mode

  1. After logging into WiscWebCMS and proceeding to the SmartEdit tab, click Tools in the Menu Bar near the top of your browser window.

    • If your Menu Bar is not visible, press the Alt key on your keyboard to make the bar visible.

  2. Select Compatibility View settings

    Image of Tools Menu, Compatibility View settings

  3. In this new window, enter wisc.edu into the "Add this website:" field, and click Add.

    Image of Compatibility View settings, adding wisc.edu

  4. Click Close at the bottom of the window.

  5. The webpage will reload in Compatibility mode. The way to ensure this has happened is to hit the F12 key for IE developer tools.

    • For IE 10: It should list: "Browser Mode: IE10 Compat View", likely with "Document Mode: IE9 standards".

      Image of F12 Developer Tools screen

    • For IE 11: Click on the second button down, which is The Console Tool. If you are on a wisc.edu page, it will show you that wisc.edu was added to compatibility view. If you don't see it listed right away, refresh the page while you have The Console Tool open and it should populate then.

      confirming compatibility view in IE 11 using the console tool

If you are experiencing these symptoms in other versions of Internet Explorer, please see Internet Explorer - Using Compatibility View

SmartTree and Server Manager are Disabled

Some uers may login and find the SmartTree and Server Manager menu items to be disabled in WiscWeb CMS.

SmartTree and Server Manager Disabled

There are two reasons this might happen.

  • You are not using Internet Explorer. Although Firefox, Chrome, and Safari can be used for general editing (e.g. SmartEdit, Tasks, Asset Manager), only Internet Explorer can be used when performing administrative tasks like SmartTree and Server Manager.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer it may be that Compatibility View is not enabled. For the latest versions of Internet Explorer Compatibility VIew must be enabled, otherwise you may see a single item in the SmartTree view with no option to expand the tree to see additional areas. Please see WiscWeb CMS - Using Internet Explorer 10 and 11 in Compatibility Mode.

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