CSCR module grading and responses


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Documentation on how to grade and view responses by students to the case scenarios. Note: this applies only to CSCR activities embedded in a Moodle course.

Case Scenario Builder and Critical Reader are both being discontinued.  Please do not add any new of these activities to your Moodle course.

1. Go into the activity and click on the Results tab. This is used for seeing individual responses to questions from the case scenario, being able to generate reports, and changing individual’s grades for grading essay/short answer questions. 
CSCR Results Page

2. The first page is an overview page of all attempts/all students/students with attempts only/students with no attempts only. At the bottom of the table there are buttons to download the contents of the table. 
3. These preferences are configurable with the “preferences for this page” section 
CSCR Preferences

4. To view a student’s attempt at the case scenario, click on the number in the Attempt column, the date in the started/completed columns or the grade column. This will show a much more detailed view of the user’s attempt.
CSCR Attempt

     -- Here you can leave a comment and change the grade. A grade history is also provided 
CSCR Comments

5. The Detail link at the top takes you to a more detailed view of the attempts made by students. Essentially this page allows you to see each response for each attempt instead of condensing it into one row in the “overview” 
CSCR Details

6. Note that you still need to click on the column links to get to the actual attempt to change or do any grading
7. You can also download a spreadsheet, ODS file or text file of this table as well as change the preferences of what is shown like the preferences from the overview page

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